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DHDC’s state-of-the-art HD Polycom system provides LIVE streaming of programs directly into classrooms nationwide!  All programs are fully interactive, allowing students and teachers to communicate with DHDC presenters in real-time!

Explosions, melting metal, and fire-eating?
It’s all in a day’s work at the Don Harrington Discovery Center!

What is Virtual Science LIVE?

Our distance learning sessions feature our Science Live! shows and guest lectures from paleontologist Dr. Aaron D. Pan.  Science Live! shows are 45 to 60-minute long. 

Funny, engaging, and jam-packed with learning, Science Live! will leave your students cheering for more!

All of our education programs align with both the TEKS (Texas) and the NGSS, and a cross-curricular Correlation Chart is available to view with each program we offer.

Serving our five-state region since 1976, DHDC’s interactive, hands-on science programs reach tens of thousands of participants through our Education Program each year.


  • TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS: a computer with internet access, a projector or Smart Board, a webcam, and a speaker & microphone (can be external or in PC hardware); OR a campus videoconferencing system. (Common systems include Polycom, Cisco or LifeSize.)
  • Science Live! shows are 60 minutes long unless otherwise noted, and Lecture Series presentations are either 30 or 50 minutes in length depending on content and grade level of audience.
  • No minimum student count, maximum of 500 students per reserved Distance Learning program.
  • No audio or video recording of programs allowed.

Due to technical requirements, all Distance Learning Reservations must be made here.