DHDC brings you your favorite labs, virtually! We supply the hands-on materials, and all you as the teacher have to do is facilitate. DHDC staff will be teaching every lab virtually in real-time. Pricing includes up to 30 student kits per lab with additional kits available.
Virtual Lab Pricing:
· 1 FREE lab per campus.
· Additional labs $55 for the same day.
· $115 for the first lab.
· $55 for each additional lab on the same day.
· Extra kits are available for $2.50 each.
Reservation Details:
  • Technology requirements: computer with internet access, projector or SmartBoard, webcam, and a speaker and microphone; or a campus videoconferencing system.
  • Virtual Labs are 45 minutes long unless otherwise noted.
  • Minimum of 10 students per lab with no max.
  • No audio or video recording of programs allowed.
Available labs:


Grades Pre-K-5

One of our most popular labs with both students and teachers, Color-rific explores concepts of mixtures, physical changes and chromatography in a uniquely colorful way! Students will love this creative approach to science and enjoy creating their own artistic science project to take home.

Grades PK-2 explore physical changes in matter and are introduced to mixtures as they create their own colorful concoctions!

Grades 3-5 delve deeper into physical changes and mixtures as they explore the process of chromatography and discover the real-world applications for this scientific process.

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Ooey Gooey Science

Grades Pre-K-5

The name says it all. Shapes, states of matter, solutions, and physical and chemical changes are just a few of scientific principles examined in this highly entertaining lab.

Grades PK-2 investigate solutions and variables in experiments as they create two different oozes and compare their characteristics.

Grades 3-5 explore solutions, chemical reactions and properties of polymers as they create and test oozes using different ingredients.

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