Can’t make it to DHDC for one of our fun-filled science labs? Then let us come to you! DHDC now has a select group of our Hands-On Science Labs available for ON-CAMPUS bookings!



  • Each lab is approximately 45 minutes long.
  • Maximum of 36 students per lab title. 
  • Instructor will need 30 minutes to set up lab prior to start time, and 30 minutes after conclusion of lab for cleanup. Please reserve your lab space accordingly.

*Each grade group listed with the titles below is considered a separate lab title.*

Ooey Gooey Science

Grades Pre-K – 5

The name says it all. Shapes, states of matter, solutions and physical and chemical changes are just a few of the scientific principles examined in this highly entertaining lab.

Grades PK-2 investigate solutions and variables in experiments as they create two different oozes and compare their characteristics.

Grades 3-5 explore solutions, chemical reactions and properties of polymers as they create and test oozes using different ingredients.

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Grades Pre-K-5

One of our most popular labs with both students and teachers, Color-rific explores concepts of mixtures, physical changes and chromatography in a uniquely colorful way! Students will love this creative approach to science and enjoy creating their own artistic science project to take home.

Grades PK-2 explore physical changes in matter and are introduced to mixtures as they create their own colorful concoctions!

Grades 3-5 delve deeper into physical changes and mixtures as they explore the process of chromatography and discover the real-world applications for this scientific process.

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Magnet Mayhem

Grades Pre-K-5

Magnetic forces are at work all around us. Magnet Mayhem investigates properties of magnetism and the relationship between magnetism and electricity.

Grades PK-2 investigate properties of magnetism including polarity, magnetic vs. non-magnetic items and explore where magnets are used in our daily lives.

Grades 3-5 explore the relationship between magnetism and electricity and discover how properties of magnetism are at work in modern technology.

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The Mysteries of Matter

Grades K-5

From basic properties of matter to a study of polymers and non-Newtonian fluids, The Mysteries of Matter examines solids, liquids and gases DHDC style – entertaining, slightly messy and oh so fun!

Grades K-2 examine properties of solids, liquids and gases and experiment with physical changes to matter.

Grades 3-5 assess physical and chemical changes to matter and explore special classes of matter such as polymers and non-Newtonian fluids.

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Grades 2-5

Just as the name implies, Grossology examines the science at work behind the most impolite bodily biology. Where does poop come from? Why do we burp? Your students will never forget this hands-on, interactive tour of the digestive system!

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Investigating DNA

Grades 4-12

Isolate, extract and compare DNA samples in this highly engaging lab which introduces students to the basics of DNA analysis.

Grades 4-8 extract and compare two plant-based DNA samples and discover their similarities and differences.

Grades 9-12 extract and compare a plant-based DNA sample with students’ own DNA samples and identify the similarities between them.

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DHDC Crime Lab: The Case of the Missing Mascot

Grades 5-8

HELP! Donnie, the DHDC Mascot, has been kidnapped! Students become crime fighters in this lab experience. Once inside the DHDC Crime Lab, students must use forensic tools to identify the kidnapper – before it’s too late!

Grades 5-8 conduct their investigation using fingerprint analysis to identify the dastardly kidnapper while learning how to lift and analyze fingerprints using the same tools are forensic detectives.

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ICU: Cow Eye Dissection

Grades 5-12

Investigate the physiology of sight by dissecting a cow eyeball. Students deconstruct a cow eye, examine the individual components and discover how each works together to collect and process images.

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Alternative Energy

Grades 6-12

Students will explore alternative energy sources and evaluate their effectiveness by testing the amount of power generated by each source.

Grades 6-8 evaluate hydrogen as an energy source by attempting to create hydrogen fuel cells and determine their energy output.

Grades 9-12 explore real-world issues regarding alternative energy sources by engineering a working, small-scale solar farm to maximize energy output.

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