• Family Discovery Memberships

    Free admission for Family Discovery! If your campus is enrolled in our family discovery membership program, every student and their immediate family get free admission to DHDC/WBNC through august 2022. *No membership card is requeired.* Use your membership in four easy steps Give your child’s name and school name at the front desk. DHDC staff… Read more about Family Discovery Memberships

  • Under The Arctic: Digging into Permafrost

    Discover what lies beneath. May 27 – September 18 Have you ever seen a mammoth tooth up close? What does the Ice Age smell like? Step into the shoes of climate science researchers, piece together clues, and solve engineering challenges posed by thawing permafrost in Under the Arctic: Digging into Permafrost. This interactive exhibit weaves… Read more about Under The Arctic: Digging into Permafrost

  • April Newsletter 2022!

    Hello All! March is coming to an end, and April is springing up before our eyes! If you haven’t already checked it out, we opened registration for Summer Camp last week, and spots are filling up faster than ever before! Kids will have the chance to enjoy daily hands-on science activities, explore Wildcat Bluff, and… Read more about April Newsletter 2022!

  • New Wildcat Bluff Membership Add-On

    Discover the World Outside! In 2021 DHDC welcomed Wildcat Bluff into the Discovery Center family! This has allowed us to increase programs, access, and exploration of hands-on and education-based learning and encourage our community and travelers to explore the outdoors! Use your $30 WBNC membership add-on to enjoy: Over 5 miles of hiking trails 657… Read more about New Wildcat Bluff Membership Add-On

  • Don Harrington Discovery Center adds new Women in STEM Exhibit

    The Discovery Center teamed up with IF/THEN, an organization that empowers current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) innovators to inspire the next generation of pioneers, to diffuse gender disparities that exist in the engineering field through DHDC’s newest She Engineers exhibit. She Engineers will be on display until December 31st of this year and… Read more about Don Harrington Discovery Center adds new Women in STEM Exhibit

  • DHDC Program Updates and FREE three-month Membership Add-on!

    Dear Discovery Center Community, As a collective, we feel the weight of the new rise in Covid cases. With schools making necessary adjustments, hospitals working to staff and care for our loved ones, and businesses experiencing reduced staff and supply shortages, we acknowledge the need to take action. The Discovery Center will continue to serve… Read more about DHDC Program Updates and FREE three-month Membership Add-on!

  • Discover Through Time Biomes Exhibit

    Together, we will construct Discover Through Time, a permanent exhibit that will invite visitors on a historic journey through the region’s ecological biomes. Full-sensory environments will simulate the biome’s climate, humidity, and geological features. Inland Sea  Ancient Pleistocene Grassland Woodlands Spruce Forest Modern Grassland.  This new space is more than a static exhibit. It features:… Read more about Discover Through Time Biomes Exhibit

  • FREE Admission At DHDC & Wildcat Bluff

    For Thanksgiving 2021, we have decided to “Give Where We Live” and offer free admission to DHDC & WCB. If you would like to “Give where you live,” too, please consider a gift through the Panhandle Gives and support our efforts to build an all-new exhibit at DHDC and/or improvements to our ADA Libb’s trail… Read more about FREE Admission At DHDC & Wildcat Bluff

  • DHDC’s New 2022 Exhibit Will be FULL-SENSORY!

    What does Full Sensory mean? Picking things up and feeling their texture is what people often associate with sensory experiences, but it’s about much more than touch! Sensory learning includes any activity that stimulates a person’s senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing, as well as anything which engages movement and balance. While we… Read more about DHDC’s New 2022 Exhibit Will be FULL-SENSORY!

  • November 2021 Calendar

  • October 2021 Newsletter

  • Museums for All

    The program supports those receiving food assistance (SNAP) benefits visiting The Discovery Center by offering admission at $2 per person, up to four people, with the presentation of their valid EBT card. Museums for All is part of the Discovery Center’s broad commitment to seek, include, and welcome all audiences. 

  • September 2021 @ The Discovery Center

    September 2021

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  • Toys: The Inside Story

    Opens May 28, 2021 EXPLORE THE INNER WORKINGS OF TOYS! If your parents never let you break open your Etch A Sketch® to find out how it works, or if you’ve been wondering how to stop your toddler’s push toy from making such an infernal racket, you’ll love Toys: The Inside Story. This new exhibition… Read more about Toys: The Inside Story


    We’re gearing up for severe weather season in the Texas Panhandle, and the Don Harrington Discovery Center has brought you a BRAND NEW EXHIBIT that will allow our guests to explore STEM Careers.  Visit the first installment of Geared Up and learn what it takes to become a meteorologist and work in broadcast television! Complete with a green… Read more about NOW OPEN!

  • Geared Up: Futures in STEM

    “Geared Up: Futures in STEM” will give children and adults the chance to gear up for a career in STEM by ‘becoming’ a scientist, nurse, meteorologist, pilot, or other STEM professional while learning through play. The “Geared Up: Futures in STEM” will feature two to four learning “pods” on a rotating basis designed to immerse guests in STEM fields. Guests… Read more about Geared Up: Futures in STEM

  • Hot & Energetic Universe

    The planetarium documentary “The Hot and Energetic Universe” presents with the use of Immersive Visualisations and real images the achievements of modern astronomy, the most advanced terrestrial and orbital observatories, the basic principles of electromagnetic radiation, and the natural phenomena related to the High Energy Astrophysics. High Energy Astrophysics plays a key role in understanding… Read more about Hot & Energetic Universe

  • July Activities

    All of our Events are published on our Events Page, but here is a snapshot of everything happening this month! Click on each image for the details.  

  • Giant Ant Crawler

    Did you know an Ant can lift 20 times its own body weight? Also, Ants don’t have lungs! Oxygen enters and carbon dioxide leaves through tiny holes all over their body. Learn this and more about these picnic scavengers and become the Ant in this giant Ant farm! You’ll crawl your way through this maze… Read more about Giant Ant Crawler

  • From Earth to Universe

    30 Minutes The night sky, both beautiful and mysterious, has been the subject of campfire stories, ancient myths and awe for as long as there have been people. A desire to comprehend the Universe may well be humanity’s oldest shared intellectual experience. Yet only recently have we truly begun to grasp our place in the… Read more about From Earth to Universe