Planetary Landscapes

Planetary Landscapes¬†examines landforms and the changes they undergo over time. Hands-on exhibits and colorful graphics allow students to explore common landforms and the forces that create change to the Earth’s surface such as volcanic eruptions, continental rifts, wind, water and ice. Students can also investigate the similarities and differences between landforms on Earth and those… Read more about Planetary Landscapes

Grossology & You

Grades PreK-8 27 minutes Join Noreen Neuron, host of the “Personal Universe” game show, as she leads us through a competition to decide which body system is the best and brightest. Will it be Scabby (the immune system), Boogie (the respiratory system), or Flatus (the digestive system)? Laugh and learn as these animated characters explore… Read more about Grossology & You


Fall Traveling Exhibit OPEN September 22 – January 19 Search and rescue operations take place every minute, every hour, every day, all around the world. From the air to the sea and on land, responsive operations are lifelines to many people in times of need. But what does a rescue scenario really involve? Who are… Read more about Rescue