Fossil Hunters

Grades 1-5 Calling all paleontologists! Students dig for genuine fossils using the techniques practiced by professional paleontologists; determine whether or not their find is a true fossil; and then examine, identify and date their discoveries using the Fossil Hunters charts. TEKS Correlation Chart

What Makes Weather?

Grades K-5 Air pressure, cloud formation and the science of thunderstorms are investigated in this interactive lab.  Students will examine the atmospheric conditions that combine to create our ever-changing Panhandle weather and learn important thunderstorm safety rules. Grades K-2 are introduced to air pressure, cloud formation and the science of lightning as students discover how these… Read more about What Makes Weather?

The Mysteries of Matter

Grades K-5 From basic properties of matter to a study of polymers and non-Newtonian fluids, The Mysteries of Matter examines solids, liquids and gases DHDC style – entertaining, slightly messy and oh so fun! Grades K-2 examine properties of solids, liquids and gases and experiment with physical changes to matter. Grades 3-5 assess physical and chemical changes to matter… Read more about The Mysteries of Matter

Ooey Gooey Science

Grades Pre-K-5 The name says it all. Shapes, states of matter, solutions, and physical and chemical changes are just a few of scientific principles examined in this highly entertaining lab. Grades PK-2 investigate solutions and variables in experiments as they create two different oozes and compare their characteristics. Grades 3-5 explore solutions, chemical reactions and properties of… Read more about Ooey Gooey Science

Magnet Mayhem

Grades Pre-K-5 Magnetic forces are at work all around us. Magnet Mayhem investigates properties of magnetism and the relationship between magnetism and electricity. Grades PK-2 investigate properties of magnetism including polarity, magnetic vs. non-magnetic items and explore where magnets are used in our daily lives. Grades 3-5 explore the relationship between magnetism and electricity and discover how properties of… Read more about Magnet Mayhem


Grades Pre-K-5 One of our most popular labs with both students and teachers, Color-rific explores concepts of mixtures, physical changes and chromatography in a uniquely colorful way! Students will love this creative approach to science and enjoy creating their own artistic science project to take home. Grades PK-2 explore physical changes in matter and are introduced to mixtures… Read more about Color-rific


Grades Pre-K-2 Critical thinking, making predictions exploring shapes and motor skill development are all part of the fun in BubbleMania as students explore the science of bubbles and bubble engineering! Grades PK and Kinder explore and compare 2D and 3D shapes in this introduction to the scientific method. Grades 1-2 investigate bubble strength and integrity as students discover variables… Read more about BubbleMania

So Much Soil

NEW! Grades 3-6 It’s time to do some digging. Join the DHDC team as we use clues to figure out how to find the soil samples and then investigate various rocks and soil samples in this escape room style lab!

Home Sweet Home

NEW! Grades K-12 Can we survive in the wilderness with all of the animals and plants? Help us search for the master build plan to build our very own shelter before the storm come in! We need your students’ help in mastering the elements.

Critter Row

Your visit to the DHDC will not be complete without meeting some furry and scaly friends. From a Bearded Dragon and Tarantula to a friendly snake we call ’Pinky’, Critter Row introduces guests to animals that come from different regions all around the world. Get an up-close look at these interesting creatures and you may even get… Read more about Critter Row


Designed for our youngest scientists, KinderStudio is a permanent exploration space for children ages 0-6. Interactive, imaginative play areas feature a climbing structure, tumbling space with mats, a lighted performance stage, hands-on manipulatives (blocks, tubes, and toys) and raw materials for creative play (i.e. shells, pine cones and popsicle sticks). See the KinderStudio calendar.

Space Gallery

Located just outside the Space Theater, The Space Gallery is dedicated to exploring weather conditions on Earth and beyond. Multimedia presentations reveal real-time data regarding weather conditions on Earth and explore the science of common weather phenomena. Interactive displays examine space weather concepts such as auroras, solar flares and cosmic rays and uncover their effect… Read more about Space Gallery