Chaos and Order: A Mathematical Symphony

Grades 5-12 40 minutes Similar in format to the Fantasy Light Show but with a mathematical twist, Chaos and Order takes students on a spectacular journey through a world of computer generated mathematical imagery set to music. Structured into four movements — geometric forms, algorithms, simulations, and chaos theory — Chaos and Order combines science… Read more about Chaos and Order: A Mathematical Symphony

Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure

Grades PK-8 40 minutes Become immersed in a miniature world where a leaf weighs as much as a car, a single raindrop can quench the largest thirst and a blade of grass soars like a skyscraper. Bugs! gives students an up-close view of the extraordinary world of insects and introduces a lively cast of characters who must… Read more about Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure

Black Holes

Grades 4-12 30 minutes Few objects in the universe hold the power and fascination of these astronomical marvels. What is a black hole? Where do they come from? How do we find them? Students will explore one of the most mystifying, awe-inspiring phenomena in the universe and discover their effects on space and time in… Read more about Black Holes

Astronomy Live!

Grades 3-12 30-45 minutes This live, interactive astronomy program uses images of the current nighttime sky to introduce students to the most popular and intriguing objects in the heavens. Students will discover how to locate major stars and constellations and examine the stories and mythologies surrounding their origin. TEKS Correlation Chart

Amusement Park Science

Grades 6-12 Concepts of force, motion, speed, velocity and energy loss are studied using working K’NEX® models of classic amusement park rides. Physical science has never been so much fun! TEKS Correlation Chart  

ICU: Cow Eye Dissection

Grades 5-12 Investigate the physiology of sight by dissecting a cow eyeball. Students deconstruct a cow eye, examine the individual components, and discover how each works together to collect and process images. TEKS Correlation Chart

DHDC Crime Lab: The Case of the Missing Mascot

Grades 5-12 HELP! Donnie, the DHDC Mascot, has been kidnapped! Students become crime fighters in this immersive lab experience. Once inside the DHDC Crime Lab, students must use forensic tools to identify the kidnapper and rescue Donnie – before it’s too late! Grades 5-8 conduct their investigation using fingerprint analysis to identify the dastardly kidnapper while… Read more about DHDC Crime Lab: The Case of the Missing Mascot

Investigating DNA

Grades 4-12 Isolate, extract and compare DNA samples in this highly engaging lab which introduces students to the basics of DNA analysis. Grades 4-8 extract and compare two plant-based DNA samples and discover their similarities and differences. Grades 9-12 extract and compare a plant-based DNA sample with students’ own DNA samples and identify the similarities between them.… Read more about Investigating DNA

Engineering 101: Machines at Work

Grades 4-12 In this inquiry-based introduction to machines and engineering, students build their own models using K’NEX® sets and discover how simple machines are combined to create the mechanical items we use in everyday life. Grades 4-5 construct working machines from blueprints, explore their properties and identify the basic machines used to construct them Grades 6-8 will… Read more about Engineering 101: Machines at Work

Alternative Energy

Grades 4-12 Students will explore alternative energy sources and evaluate their effectiveness by testing the amount of power generated by each source. Grades 4-6 explore wind as an energy source by evaluating the effectiveness of wind turbines and examining the relationship between turbine design and amount of power generated. Grades 7-9 evaluate hydrogen as an energy source… Read more about Alternative Energy

Illumination: Light and Optics

Grades 3-8 What is light? How does it travel? Does light have color? Using prisms, mirrors and spectroscopes, students will analyze the amazing properties of light. Grades 3-4 explore properties of light including white light, the light spectrum and how light affects vision and perception of color. Grades 5-8 analyze properties of light, compare refraction and reflection… Read more about Illumination: Light and Optics

Electricity & Circuits

Grades 3-8 Using special conductive dough, students will explore properties of electrical energy including basic circuitry, conductors and insulators. Grades 3-5 construct and evaluate different types of electrical circuits while examining how electricity flows through a conductor. Grades 6-8 experiment with circuitry and resistance and create their own working battery! TEKS Correlation Chart