Magnet Mayhem

Grades Pre-K-5 Magnetic forces are at work all around us. Magnet Mayhem investigates properties of magnetism and the relationship between magnetism and electricity. Grades PK-2 investigate properties of magnetism including polarity, magnetic vs.… Read more about Magnet Mayhem


Grades Pre-K-5 One of our most popular labs with both students and teachers, Color-rific explores concepts of mixtures, physical changes and chromatography in a uniquely colorful way! Students will love this creative… Read more about Color-rific


Grades Pre-K-2 Critical thinking, making predictions exploring shapes and motor skill development are all part of the fun in BubbleMania as students explore the science of bubbles and bubble engineering! Grades PK… Read more about BubbleMania


Designed for our youngest scientists, KinderStudio is a permanent exploration space for children ages 0-6. Interactive, imaginative play areas feature a climbing structure, tumbling space with mats, a lighted performance stage, hands-on… Read more about Kinderstudio