Open to the public September 24th.

Time travelers will explore:

  • The inland sea
  • A Pleistocene grassland
  • A giant spruce forest
  • The modern grassland we know today


  • Full-sensory environments
  • Hands-on exploration activities
  • A life-science observation lab
  • Over 30 species of animals
  • A second-story exhibit space overlooking our West Wing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Reading nooks
  • Opportunities to make discoveries throughout centuries of time

Your gift of any amount invests in our vision to spark curiosity and inspire lifelong learning through this new permanent exhibit.

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – The “Discover Through Time” exhibit takes visitors on a journey through the history of the High Plains from where it began to where it is now.

“The Discovery Center is classically known for it’s traveling exhibits. Bringing in these exhibits put together by other museums, keeping them on the floor for a few months and then sending them back. But this exhibit will be here forever,” said Kirk Daniels, director of development for the Don Harrington Discovery Center.

As visitors step into the exhibit, they are taken through a time tunnel which transports them back millions of years ago.

“We really just try to focus on experiences that are just not available in the Panhandle. These are things our kiddos and families would have to leave our area to see,” said Daniels.

The exhibit is two stories, filled with animal habitats, a tree house reading nook, an educational space and a life science observation lab.

The life science observation lab will give the public an opportunity to see how the DHDC animal team takes care of the animals in the exhibit.

“We’ve got a state of the art PA system, an audio-visual system, where guests will be able to watch on a projector as the animals eat or take a bath or something like that,” said Daniels.

DHDC says they have many opportunities and resources that the public is encouraged to take advantage of.

The organization is currently looking for some exhibit sponsors to help with the cost of care and keep of the animals. Click here to get in contact with a staff member.

Kelsey Davis, News Channel 10