An immersive exhibit experience highlighting the music, food, traditions, and agricultural contributions of the Karen (Kah-Ren) people.

Since 2007, Karen people have been resettling in Amarillo and now more than 5,000 Karen people live in Amarillo. Amarillo is also home to more than 5,000 refugees from other ethnic groups in Myanmar, including Karenni, Mon, Chin, Burmese, and Kachin. Refugees from Myanmar come to Amarillo for the same reasons as many people do: to find good jobs, to access high-quality education and high quality of life, and to connect with a strong community in this country.

This exhibit was envisioned, designed, and built IN-HOUSE by our incredible DHDC team, with the support of the local Karen community (K.C.A “Karen Community of Amarillo Texas”) AND the Refugee Language Project. Funded by an IMLS grant.