Dear Discovery Center Community,

As a collective, we feel the weight of the new rise in Covid cases. With schools making necessary adjustments, hospitals working to staff and care for our loved ones, and businesses experiencing reduced staff and supply shortages, we acknowledge the need to take action.

The Discovery Center will continue to serve our community during regular hours with reduced special events to better facilitate a safe, fun, and educational space for families and educators.

We have been listening to you, and we believe DHDC remaining open to the public is crucial for education, recreation, and overall community togetherness. To do this, we have made a few program changes for the weeks to follow.

We have chosen to cancel Discover for a Dollar at DHDC on Friday, January 28. As an alternative, please join us for Discover for a Dollar at Wildcat Bluff Nature Center on Saturday, January 29th, sunup to sundown, $1 per person.

Coffee & Cuties and Wildlife Weekend will be virtual for the month of February. Special programs such as these tend to encourage a natural gathering of large groups in small places, which we are working to avoid.

We highly encourage our patrons to wear masks, practice social distancing, and continue positive hygiene practices.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that Wildcat Bluff Nature Center is a part of the Discovery Center and will remain open to serving the community with outdoor access and programs.

In an effort to inspire families to continue to discover and explore during this challenging time, we are excited to gift a FREE Wildcat Bluff Nature Center Membership Add-On to all DHDC members from now until the end of March. This means unlimited access to trail hiking, participation in WBNC events, and a chance to enjoy nature close to home. After March 31, WBNC Member Add-ons will be available for a small fee.

Thank you for your continued support of DHDC and Wildcat Bluff Nature Center. We will return to our regular program format as soon as we can with confidence in the safety of our patrons and staff. 

Thank you, 

DHDC and Wildcat Bluff Staff