We have some of the amazing Steve Spangler science kits left – but first-come, first-served! The pictures below are just a few of the experiments you can conduct with the kit – there’s also water gel, mentos geysers, instant snow and more! Keep your kids entertained AND learning now and into the summer. This box includes dozens of hands-on science secrets, materials to perform 20 or more experiments and the best part- a booklet that explains the science in detail for the included experiments and many more!

👩‍🔬How do you get your box?
Just make an online donation to the Discovery Center of $35 or more and the kit is our gift to you! But wait, there’s more! If you choose to donate $50 or more to the DHDC you will receive a kit AND a super fun Energy Stick! The energy stick lets you use your own body as a conductor to learn about circuits. Fun and educational!

💙Support the Discovery Center here!

We will have curbside pickup for the science kits and you will receive an email with pick up instructions once your donation is complete. Thank you for supporting the Discovery Center!

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