Summer is the perfect time to have a DHDC membership. Why? Besides the fun science exploration and hands-on activities in an air conditioned building, the benefits that come with a membership actually PAY for the membership itself. Let us break it down for you!

*With your DHDC membership, you get FREE daily visits. It’s the cure to summer boredom and a great escape from the heat!
The SAVINGS= If you purchase a Family membership which costs only $90 per year, and your family of 4 visits only twice in the year, you just saved $2!

*Take your Membership card with you on vacations! As a Family or Family Plus member, you can get FREE or reduced admission to over 280 science and technology museums and centers all over the country. Those locations are listed at www.astc.org.
The SAVINGS= if your family of 4 visits the Perot Museum in Dallas, you could save $66 in FREE admission!

*MORE Travel PERKS. Additionally, Family Plus members receive FREE or reduced admission to approximately 200 children’s museums around the country! They are listed at www.childrensmuseums.org, so check it out.
The SAVINGS= If your family of 4 visits the Thinkery in Austin you could save another $48!

* Summer Birthday? We know there are other options for party venues, but DHDC Birthday parties are AWARD WINNING, simply because they include so much and are stress free! Family or Family Plus members receive discounts on Birthday Party Packages. If you were to purchase a Brainstorm Package, you’ll save another $25!

* Need a birthday party gift or a souvenir for family members visiting? All members receive 10% discount at the Discovery Center Gift Shop and Café. For example, if you buy a gift for the birthday party you just booked, you could save an additional $2 on a $20 gift.

Need more convincing?

* How about, all members receive discounts on *select special events. For example, if you have the Grandparent membership, and you bring your 2 grand-kids to the Discover All Night event in July or the Wizarding School in August, you’ll save another $12 and $29 respectively in event admission!

Add all of these savings just from the examples above, and you have the potential to save more than $175 which more than pays for your membership. Have we convinced you? Join now! If you have questions about a membership, please browse our membership benefits page or call 806-355-9547 ext. 107.