Have you thought about joining almost 2,000 other families by becoming a DHDC member? NOW is a great time to do so! In case you didn’t already know, our members are awarded special benefits that make the cost of a membership totally worth it. Many of those benefits actually PAY for the membership itself. Let us tell you how.

*With your DHDC membership, you get FREE daily visits. If you purchase a Family membership which costs only $90 per year, and your family of 4 visits only twice in the year, you just saved $2!

*Family Plus members receive free or reduced admission to approximately 200 children’s museums around the country which are listed at www.childrensmuseums.org. If your family of 4 visits the Thinkery in Austin you could save another $48!

*As a Family or Family Plus member, you can free or reduced admission to over 280 science and technology museums and centers all over the country. Those locations are listed at www.astc.org . For another example, if your family of 4 visits the Perot Museum in Dallas, you could save $66 in FREE admission!

* Family or Family Plus members receive discounts on Birthday Party Packages. If you were to purchase a Brainstorm Package, you’ll save another $25!

* All members receive 10% discount at the Discovery Center Gift Shop and Café. For example, if you buy a gift for the birthday party, you could save an additional $2 on a $20 gift.

* All members receive discounts on *select special events. For example, if you have the Grandparent membership, and you bring your 2 grand-kids to the Noon Year’s Eve celebration, you’ll save another $32 in event admission!

Add all of these savings just from the examples above, and you have the potential to save $175 which more than pays for your membership. Have we convinced you? Join now! If you have questions about a membership, please browse our membership benefits page or call 806-355-9547 ext. 107.