Open January 26- May 19
In the near corner stands Triceratops. In the far corner, Tyrannosaurus Rex locks his eyes on his opponent.
And the winner is?! Visit DHDC to find out how this match likely went down. Just as in a boxing match, the exhibit provides a detailed comparison of each dino and shows the advantages and disadvantages both would have in battle. Visitors learn that not only were they perfectly matched to fight each other, but they depended on each other to survive as a species. Facts and clues are given throughout the exhibit to this strange paradox of interdependence. But who wins? The answer lies in the environment – the plants, forest and ecology that shaped their existence, and ultimately led to their extinction. This Wonder Works exhibit explores the amazing mingled destinies of plants, dinosaurs, and mankind. Battle of the Titans will be on display at the Don Harrington Discovery Center January 26- May 19, 2019.