Soar to new heights and discover the air above us! The BRAND NEW exhibit, Aviation, opens at the Discovery Center on June 2nd!

Guests will have the opportunity to be inspired by all kinds of in-flight science! Learn how a wing is created and built. Explore real hands-on components of aviation equipment such as an airplane, a mash helicopter, a jet engine, and even NASA cargo!

Push buttons and test flight controls and examine just how they work to guide an airplane.

Watch a video of Flight History, step into a Hot Air Balloon basket, make String Rocket Racers with various propeller sizes, and experience the force of the wind and how it affects flight.

Fly to new heights with the Don Harrington Discovery Center this summer!

Aviation is produced and created by the Don Harrington Discovery Center, in conjunction with Amarillo College and Bell, and has been generously sponsored by Pete’s Car Smart KIA.