Visitors: 155,775 in 2016

Strange Matter

Discover Something Strange! There’s lots of stuff to study in materials science, because everything around you is made of materials: like the metals in bicycles, the plastic in your contact lenses, the glass in computer monitors, and the foam in your running shoes. Materials scientists work with the tiniest bits of matter - molecules and atoms - in order to improve stuff or even create completely new materials that can do amazing things! Become a materials scientist yourself: test stuff, break stuff, mix stuff, heat stuff...and discover how STRANGE matter can be! 
Strange Matter is produced by the Ontario Science Centre and is presented by the Materials Research Society. This exhibition and its tour are made possible by the generous support of these national sponsors: NSF, Dow, Ford Motor Company Fund, Intel, RioTinto Alcan, and 3M. This local presentation is made possible by Amarillo National Bank, Public Steel, Owens Corning, and A1 Insulation.