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Little Builders

January 28-May 14

Young children become movers and shakers in Little Builders! Children age 7 and under create, play, and learn as they explore the concepts of construction, motion, and simple machines. Hand operate a pulley or conveyer belt to explore cause and effect. Turn the wheels of a gantry crane to transport cargo and discover mechanical physics at work. Operate a child-sized crane to hook, lift, and move objects and materials. Build structures with blocks, pipes, Duplo® blocks, and gears, while learning about size, weight, shape, balance, gravity, and stability. Insert balls into air chutes and see them shoot through clear pipes to experiment with aerodynamics. Build and Construct to your heart's desire in this back-by popular-demand exhibit.
Little Builders is created and toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Little Builders is generously sponsored by The Panhandle of Texas Chapter of The Associated General Contractors of America.