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Explore over 20,000 square feet of hands-on, interactive learning opportunities from both national and international touring exhibits and select permanent exhibits from the DHDC collection. Exhibits change every fall, spring and summer, providing students something new to discover during every visit!


  • DHDC Partner Districts:       FREE!
  • Non-Partner Districts:         $2.25 per student.

 Fee applies for any amount of time in exhibit halls.



  • A minimum of 45 minutes is recommended to explore exhibits. Most groups find 90 minutes is just about perfect!
  • Exhibit admission fee provides access to every exhibit on the floor.
  • Exhibits at DHDC are designed for teacher-directed learning experiences. Check out the Educators Guides included below to help maximize your students’ learning time on the exhibit floor.



Top Secret: License to Spy           Open September 24-January 8

Calling all secret agents! A powerful new computer chip has been stolen from The Brainiac Corporation and its inventor, Professor Iwanda Wye, has gone missing. We need your help to recover the chip and discover what happened to Professor Wye before they both fall into the wrong hands! Students become secret agents and unravel the mystery in this James Bond-themed spy caper and STEM-based immersive exhibit. Using spy gadgets past and present, students will use their critical thinking, math and engineering skills, along with the scientific method to solve a series of challenges at stations like Phone Tap, Find the Bug and The Code Room to recover the chip, find Iwanda and save the world! Be ready to navigate The Laser Maze to make your escape and save the day!

Top Secret Educators Guide
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From a giant tennis ball launcher to a pin“bell” machine, Bounce explores concepts of both math and physical science through creative play. The exhibit features 35 hands-on learning stations which occupy the exhibit floor in different combinations during each rotation.

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Imagination Playground

In Imagination Playground, future engineers build new worlds every day. This student-directed learning space inspires creativity while engaging learners in challenging, collaborative exploration. Students can build animals, rocket ships, or robots. They can construct houses, factories, or cities. Most importantly, they make the rules, because Imagination Playground is student-centered and open-ended, nurturing the visionary in every student.

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Planetary Landscapes

Planetary Landscapes examines landforms and the changes they undergo over time. Hands-on exhibits and colorful graphics allow students to explore common landforms and the forces that create change to the Earth's surface such as volcanic eruptions, continental rifts, wind, water and ice. Students can also investigate the similarities and differences between landforms on Earth and those found on the surfaces of our celestial neighbors.


Planetary Landscapes Educators Guide
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Strange Matter           Open January 28 - mid-May

Strange Matter investigates the world of modern materials and explores where the future of materials science could lead. Students will explore the fascinating world of matter and uncover the surprising science behind everyday items as they become materials scientists. Zoom down to micro level and find out why materials behave the way they do, play with liquids that defy gravity and morph mysteriously and learn how engineers test metals for structural integrity and possible defects.

Strange Matter Educators Guide
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Little Builders             Open January 28 - May 14

Children in PK-2nd grade become movers and shakers in Little Builders!  Students don their hard hats and construction vests and set off to explore concepts of construction, motion, simple machines, aerodynamics and physics through hands-on learning stations.  The Construction Zone lets students’ imaginations run wild as they build structures with blocks, pipes, Duplo® blocks and gears while learning about size, weight, shape, balance, gravity and stability.

Little Builders Educators Guide
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Brain Teasers              Open January 28 - May 12

Put your thinking caps on and take the Brain Teasers challenge! Brain Teasers tests the skills of visitors of all ages with a series of 21 hands-on challenge puzzles designed to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills while providing plenty of fun! From mathematical conundrums to mind-boggling block puzzles, students will have to think outside the box to solve these challenges by identifying patterns, thinking ahead and looking at problems from different perspectives!

 Brain Teasers Educators Guide - coming by September 1
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ExploraZone engages learners of all ages with hands-on stations exploring a wealth of physics concepts, including force and motion, energy transformation, mechanics and perception. Students can construct and investigate the movement of a catenary arch, explore the science behind optical illusions, discover properties of periodic motion or examine the math behind motion

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Hunters of the Sky

Revered as divine messengers, prized as hunting companions, celebrated as symbols of power and reviled as scavengers and deadly killers, raptors are a diverse group of species whose survival is fundamentally linked to humans. Through both dioramas featuring these majestic birds and interactive learning stations, students will examine both the biology and ecology of birds of prey. Hunters of the Sky also examines issues of raptor conservation, challenging students to confront the values and choices that threaten the very survival of these magnificent creatures.

Hunters of the Sky Educators Guide
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Nano engages students in nanoscale science, engineering and technology. Hands-on exhibits present the basics of nanoscience and engineering, introduce real world applications and explore the societal and ethical implications of this technology. Students discover how different materials behave as they get smaller, work to build a giant nanotube and compare effects of static electricity and gravity on different objects.

Nano Educators Guide
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Designed for our youngest scientists, KinderStudio is a permanent exploration space for students in grades PK-1st grade. Interactive, imaginative play areas include a climbing structure; a lighted performance stage with costumes; hands-on manipulatives including blocks, tubes, books, and toys; and raw materials for creative play. It’s student-centered learning that’s tons of fun!

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