Black Holes

Showing Monday-Saturday at 12:00 pm 30 minutes Few objects in the universe hold the power and fascination of these astronomical marvels. What is a black hole? Where do they come from? How do we find them? Students will explore one of the most mystifying, awe-inspiring phenomena in the universe and discover their effects on space… Read more about Black Holes

Fantasy Light Show

Showing Daily at 3:00 pm 25 minutes Unleashing the imaginations of people of all ages, the Fantasy Light Show takes guests on the ride of a lifetime! Through computer-generated imagery, viewers will enjoy a roller coaster ride, travel on an infinity loop and journey through virtual worlds full of vibrant color and movement. Set to a fun,… Read more about Fantasy Light Show

Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure

Showing Daily at 1:00 pm 40 minutes Become immersed in a miniature world where a leaf weighs as much as a car, a single raindrop can quench the largest thirst and a blade of grass soars like a skyscraper. Bugs! gives its audience an up-close view of the extraordinary world of insects and introduces a lively cast… Read more about Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure

Space Junk

Showing Daily at 2:00 pm 40 minutes Fifty years after launching our dreams into space, we’re left with a troubling legacy: tens of millions of pieces of orbiting debris in an ever-growing ring of debris which threatens the safety of our planetary orbits. Space Junk takes viewers on a journey which examines this very real problem and… Read more about Space Junk

Zulu Patrol

Showing Monday-Saturday at 11:00 am 30 minutes A research mission gone awry, an interplanetary villain and a tour of the solar system are all featured in this animated full-dome film based on the award-winning PBS television series. Viewers join the Zula Patrol as they gather samples of weather for scientist Multo’s research. As the Zula… Read more about Zulu Patrol