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Aug 21st- Solar Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and planet Earth, and the moon fully or partially blocks the sun. Daylight turns to an eerie twilight and allows bright stars and planets to be seen.

On August 21st, the entire United States will be able to see a partial solar eclipse! This is a rare occurance that a solar eclipse can be viewed in the central parts of the United States. The next solar eclipse will be on April 8, 2024 and will mostly be viewable in southern Texas and Mexico. And the next time that the Texas panhandle will see a solar eclipse will be August 12, 2045!

Check out this video by NewsChannel10 and our team here at the DHDC for the 'What', 'When', and 'How-to' of the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday August 21st!

So, how can you get in on the solar eclipse action? Your DHDC has some products in the gift shop that can help your viewing and educational needs. In order to safely view the eclipse, the solar glasses are essential, and they are only $1 per pair in our gift shop (while supplies last). The Sun, Moon and Earth buddies are a great tool to teach your kids about the science behind the eclipse in a fun way! Don't forget, Members of the Discovery Center also get a 10% discount at our Gift Shop. Stop by today and stock up for this historical event!

Next, mark your calendars for the noon hour on Monday August 21st. We've partnered with News Channel 10 to bring you coverage of the eclipse live from the Discovery Center. The eclipse will begin to be viewable at 11:29 and at it's maximum at 12:56. If you have kids out of school or you want to come over on your lunch break, you can join us at the DHDC for an eclipse viewing picnic! Bring your lunch to enjoy in the park next to DHDC or you can purchase your lunch at the Thumper's Grill food truck. We'll also be offering a reduced admission rate all day on August 21st for only $5 per person. For more details, stay tuned to our facebook page for updates.

** Please use extreme caution when viewing the Solar Eclipse, even when using the special solar glasses.


***The Don Harrington Discovery Center wants everyone to have an enjoyable viewing of the partial (in our area) solar eclipse; however eye safety is of the utmost importance. The sun should NEVER be looked at directly with the naked eye, glasses, sunglasses, cameras, camera-phones, etc.  The ONLY safe way to view a partial and total eclipse is with “eclipse glasses’, a sunscope, or indirectly by using a pin-hole projection (please note that you do not directly peer at the sun through the pin-hole  – you indirectly view the sun and eclipse by looking at a reflection of it on another surface).  If you are using “eclipse glasses”, be sure to follow the safety instructions printed on the eclipse glasses. In addition, parents need to assist their children with the proper use and wearing of the eclipse glasses and be present with them at all times to insure their safety. If you have any questions, please refer the following links to get more information about viewing the eclipse safely:

Please note, that in our area (the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles, eastern New Mexico, southeastern Colorado, and southwestern Kansas), we will only experience a partial eclipse. It will NEVER be safe to look at the sun (before, during, or after the eclipse).